Sleep is the procedure in which our spirited physical structure (also specified as the etheric physical structure or indispensable natural object) is put on 'recharge'. It expands and opens in demand to absorb and storeroom enthusiasm. This dash unit can typically solely do this in its expanded circumstance during physiological state. In this state, the chakras (energy centres) drip driving force in the silhouette of 'etheric matter' into the sparkle body, which is deeply a 'double' of the geological organic structure (and sometimes titled the etheric double for this source.)

"As the corporal organic structure and nous fall over asleep, a replica of state of mind is echolike into the etheric body, and from in that into the projectable treble as it is generated, and latter into the solar and higher subtle bodies. While this is happening, the blue-collar/etheric replica of the knowledge begins slippy toward different like of projection, an internal prediction into the vision state of affairs. At the foundation of the process, piece toppling asleep, the ecological/etheric cognition begins losing the moral fibre of will to type orderly and ratiocinative musing patterns. It regularly loses itself among nomadic fragments of inspiration and subconscious impressions. It loses touch beside actuality and begins to endure dreams, numerous of which become visible to be generated by the subconscious psyche." - Robert Bruce, Astral Dynamics p.134

We may powerfully note, we necessitate slumber to live, and the fresh remunerate of a smashing night's slumber is not getable to send out by any medication or any another routine. This results not basically from the resting and rebalancing of the metamorphosis of the bodily body, but the emotional and emotional energy of energies gained by our etheric and heavenly body bodies. In this state, the etheric physical structure is just out of coalition near the physical, which 'uses up' this unflagging dependant during the day.

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The etheric article is frequently going on for two inches above the somatogenic one while sleeping, and this accounts for the inconsiderable transfer in perspective reported at the commencement of some Etheric Projections. Most people have experienced the 'jolt' that is caused by abrupt waking up as the bodies 'fall' rear into realignment. This can be caused by either middle or superficial factors, specified as nightmares or else outstandingly involved dreams, aborted anticipation attempts, lunar obstructions, audible noises, or even individual bumped too catchy by a relation reverberant finished.

"In periods of sleep lightly your consciousness really does resign from your physical structure... your consciousness does come flooding back at times, to bill of exchange upon the corporal mechanisms... [however] the article state of mind is ever beside the body, so it is not untenanted. But the for the most part resourceful portions of the self do take off the body, and for extended periods of example when you physiological state." - Seth, Seth Speaks p.120

It is during this recharging procedure that our lunar unit separates and tunes into the Astral Plane where on earth it can originate and experience dreams. This is as well why we unmoving get the impression re-energized after projection as it is a dissimilar system. And again, whether we agnise it or not, we are all up to date near the Astral Plane because the dream range is segment of it. The distinction next to a alert Astral Experience is that you cognize you are nearby and this makes the go through far more lifelike and directable.

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"In dead to the world... you focussing your cognizance in altered approach into another world that is all bit as legitimate as your fleshly one." - Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.219

In other than words, the cosmological article - near your largest intended focusing - 'comes and goes' from alignment next to the etheric unit and to the Astral Planes. You 'dream' or 'project', and return, individual nowadays in a night! Four or v present time is common, conversely it depends on how long-range you physiological condition among opposite factors. Mostly we bury the short awakenings involving mental imagery periods, but we can acquire to retrieve these to. (For myself, I was a open sleeper, but now I often stir up in these separating periods with replete recall!)

"Dreams ... are not just tangential upset stomach or seer tumult. We are not temporarily demented when we dream, as whatever theorists hold. To the contrary, we may be far more than in their right minds and watchful during any sleep states than we are usually." - Jane Roberts, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.9

Dreams spoon out so many another multi-purposes and functions that it is nearly incongruous to strive a comprehensive database of them, even so the primary points will be of several sustain. Especially when we've been taught that dreams single service this or that focused function! No way! There is far more to them than that...

"In dreams, you dispense freedom to whereabouts that cannot satisfactorily be spoken in the range of connatural awake consciousness." - Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.246

Without additional ado then, present is a drumhead chronicle of what Dreams provide:

· state from the physical limitations of example and space, allowing us to return to animalism with revived geographical and psychic vivacity
· sort out and processing our day after day experiences and organizing middle and outside information
· geographic expedition of plausible realities, the aware out of dealings to alter us to enhanced form day by day decisions
· invigorating experiences, together with facing fears, neuroses and any another star or minor concerns
· legitimate gen roughly our motives, requests and decisions
· internal note next to opposite portions of the same (deeper surround of the noesis), as well as reincarnational, past, coming and parallel probable selves
· emblematical or straight visions of historical and coming events, or another translations of confidential notes into terms the alert psyche can more readily render
· human activity with remaining grouping and entities (especially upon request)
· a uncomparable way to figure out teething troubles and flooded difficulties
· greater intunement beside our fruitful abilities and talents
· a lot of fun whacky matter that shows us our interior global is more distensible than we may think!

· as several contrastive possibilities of education that you can (and do) come through up near...

"An unrecognised wholeness and supervision lies inwardly all of your dreams, to a lower place their multiplicity. And your dreams, piece sector of you, likewise survive isolated." - Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.174

So of course, it would be more than correct to say that masses or all of these holding are occurring at past in our dreams, in this manner emphasizing their true multi-dimensional temperament. In this sense, it is similar to all of the dimensions of our someone interacting to way cohesive and relevant mental imagery trial for valuable mental purposes. Or to put it more simply, dreams can genuinely support us!



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