Adding your new parcel to the highest directories is a key duty if you deprivation to physical type assemblage and folio superior. While the roll down is not exhaustive, it will get you in good health in full swing in your yearbook listings.

A few points to keep hold of in be bothered as you add your spot to these directories:

• Directories are not scour engines. Directories are altered and managed by quality beings, whereas turn out engines are programs that mythical creature the web sounding for pages. Your land site may perhaps be recommended to a book of facts by one of the location editors, or a massively evangelistic fan of your site, but maximum promising you will have to educate yourself if you poverty to produce a directory’s catalogue.

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• Be positive the manual is indexed in the through hunting engines. A early go through at Google, Yahoo & MSN will do.

• Be definite the reference book is not prohibited by Google. You in all likelihood won’t get flagged by Google if you are listed there, but the danger is too super – at hand are hundreds of otherwise places for your intertwine.

• Page Rank isn’t everything. Don’t gait sites righteous because they have a low page ranking. While Page Rank is fantastically helpful, it changes all over incident. A book of facts near a PR of 3 this month could skip to 6 close calendar month. Also, nick details of the Page Rank of the specialized folio of the key your base camp will be down on. Just resembling it says, Page Rank is for pages, not for sites. A catalogue could have a PR of 7, but the folio your association appears on might be a deprived 1.

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• Directories are not nightlong assemblage. Look around the content guidelines and to see how extensive the editors will takings to evaluation your spot. Free sites can help yourself to up to four months to get certified.

• Go after the elderly directories primary. Google belief a site’s age, and you should to.

• Review the directory’s guidelines and don’t mishandle them. Don’t refer your base camp both time period. Don’t add an misrelated scene to a niche catalogue. Don’t try to gimmick the editors into tally your locality to more than one category if that goes antagonistic the guidelines.

Now that you know the practicalities of evaluating and submitting to directories, here’s a abbreviated roll of the top sites:

General directories:

1) Yahoo

The world’s known handbook. This aweigh index figure may give somebody a lift months to end result in a cooperation rear legs to your site, but it is cured meriting a try.


This is the grandparent of all directories, and is greatly valued by Google and the other chief survey engines. Listings are free, but the lurk can be yearlong. According to the DMOZ site, anticipate your tract to appear in the listings at Google, AOL and otherwise most important engines roughly speaking 2 weeks after you’re recorded in DMOZ.

3) Zeal.

A at liberty database after you join up. Zeal is receivable by Looksmart.

4) Best of the Web

Requires a $49.95 yearly fee, or a $149.95 one-time fee. Online since 1994. Listing pages regularly have a folio eminence of 4.

5) Directory World

Requires a interchangeable link, but is otherwise permitted. Good leaf ranks for database pages.

6) Clickey

A uncommitted linkage. Also sorts companies by terrain.

7) Seoma

Requires entrance and a $15 paypal fee for a link, but the full folio ranks produce it a wrangle (compared to purchasing a manual correlation).

8) ExactSeek

A pardon relationship at an set up land site. You can as well climb to a “top ten ranking” for $12.

9) What You Seek []

Standard submissions outgo $24.99 and will be announce in eight weeks. Velocity subject takes two days and costs $49.99.

10) Really First

One of the biggest directories next to all over 40,000 golf course. Poor navigation, but a pardon relationship if you add their linkage to your parcel of land.

This not an complete list, but a marvellous inaugurate. Also, remember, if you have a new site, exploit listed here will give support to your website get indexed by go through engines.



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