The inferior item that could start to the Chicago White Sox in June and primordial July wasn't marketing games to the likes of Pittsburgh and to Baltimore, then again that's bad plenty.

It's having their bizarre, colorful, and commonly sulphurous skipper, Ozzie Guillen, be elect as the American League's Manager in the All-Star Game.

The finishing state of affairs the Sox obligation is more of a spotlight on the Wizard of Oz, or is it The Wizard of Odd?

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This is the guy who went on a communicative rip in opposition Sun-Times sports columnist Jay Mariotti, resulting in sanctions mortal levied by the Commissioner's office.

His moving off at the orifice is legendary, and he's always sound off about how this or that period of time will be his end.

But now, he has to be good, similar to the group tomfool whose parents have to finish shown up at college to sit close to him. Oz isn't used to this sort of hope or investigation.

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Because he has to ticker his behavior, I admit this guy has been managing peripheral of his encouragement geographical area for the advanced chunk of a period of time. With one eye in the raw on the All-Star register and the different on the press, Ozzie has been more than somewhat unbalanced.

How other can he accustom choosing to place match Cliff Politte into a Cubs unfit that was unmoving winnable, and consequently conformation Politte in so he could really put that event out of reach, TWICE!

After fleetly handsome up three runs in his entry inning, Politte returned, after the Sox rallied and got those back, and got blasted over again.

Ozzie if truth be told hugged this guy on the pitcher's mound after the most basic fusillade.

All of a rapid is this geezer difficult to change state a solon or a new-age notice boy?

The All-Star halt can't be all over speeding enough, as far as I'm occupied.

At this rate, next year's officer will be Detroit's Jim Leyland, but I'll detail you what: he won't be demented at all by the press, the pressure, or anything other.



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