If you similar baked potatoes and luscious food you should definitively try this Raclette-Potato Recipe. It's a Swiss strong point and I'm confident you will be keen on it!

Here is what you need to get started:

    8 middle-sized Potatoes (I would recommend sugary potatoes) Table brackish or sea salt 400 grams of Raclette-Cheese (sliced) (you should be competent to breakthrough it at your local shop) 8 preserved pickle cucumbers (sliced in halves - longitudinal) 16 Silver Skin Onions (from solid) Paprika (to period)

Cooking Instructions:

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    Cook the unpeeled potatoes until they are semisoft and cut them in halves. Now put the potatoes onto a greased hot sheet (intersection up). Scatter a few saltish onto the potatoes Dispense the chopped raclette dairy product onto the potatoes Put the preserved cucumbers onto the raclette cheese Now cook your raclette-potatoes for 12-15 proceedings at 430°F / 220C° When the food is melted, nick the potatoes out of the oven and put whichever shiny buckskin onions onto the raclette-potatoes. Enjoy your Raclette Potatoes!

This can effortlessly be served as key teaching along beside salad.

When consumption hot food look-alike in this recipe, I ever urge imbibition hot tea
instead of raw drinks. Your abdomen will be thankful if you did.

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