If you are a CEO, CFO, Controller, Purchasing or Facility Director, you may ne'er have thoughtful the reality that your physical phenomenon bills could have hidden overcharges and errors.

However, businesses in Virginia and the Carolinas more often than not pay 5%-15% because of these errors.

"Four out of 5 moneymaking or commercial enterprise consumers are all over billed by the utility at one constituent." reported to Brian Coughlan, President of Utility Management Services, Inc. in Wilmington, NC.

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This inadvertence is due to more than a few ubiquitous tradition going on for our nation's driving force providers:

Myth #1: Utilities are affairs of state regulated and have our unsurpassed pizzazz in mind

Myth #2: Computers and physical science gear stamp out charge and metering errors

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Myth #3: Electricity is physical phenomenon. There is one and only one price.

Myth #4: The control ensemble is obliged to quality the cream of the crop charge per unit for my business

Myth #5: Nothing can be done to dwindle our electric measure. It's a determinate disbursal.

These tradition are trusty for hundreds of large indefinite amount of dollars in time period overcharges and errors in the Southeastern United States.

As of May 2006, businesses near the becoming comprehension of billing, metering, and rate practices have eliminated complete $28M (and tally) in covered overcharges and errors from their electric bills.

This ordering will destroy these folklore and confer you beside effectual content that can squirrel away your company thousands yearly in physical phenomenon expenditure.

But front we essential grasp the enormous result minute errors and overcharges have on a business' support stripe...

Since electricity is a native operative outlay of your business, any money off in this charge has a direct, dollar-for-dollar striking on your bottom vein.

A cracking give somebody the third degree to ask is: "How markedly of our products/services must be sold in direct to kind $1,000 in net income?" or, "What is my net takings as a percent of sales?"

For example, if your net financial gain as a percent of sales were 2%, later you would need to be paid $50,000 in gross gross sales righteous to net $1,000 to your nether rank.

In the Dominion Power provision territory, it is not unusual for businesses that devote $1,500-$10,000 per calendar month in physical phenomenon to have $900-$18,000 in yearly overcharges and errors on their legal document.

Assuming our illustration of a 2% net yield as a percentage of sales, that's the different of $75,000-$500,000 in gross period income.

Indeed, trifling errors can take home a big divergence to a company's profit.

In Part 2 of our series, we will discover Myth #1: Utilities are senate regulated and have our first-class colour in consciousness.



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