We are creating a New World of kindliness to Pure Loving...to Outrageous Oneness...fulfillment finished employ...awakening finished state.

We are to look into our interior Beauty, our Universal Self, fetching a travelling to the kingdom of Understanding and Peace - the Source of Light and Love.

We are called now to resign hesitation, self-doubt, denial, detestation for it is incident now to clutch that which is Pure inwardly Us. Our Divine Nature is who we are: Qualities of Perfection, Goodness, Compassion towards self and others is our Home. God has created us and we are not discrete from our Creator. We are extensions and each peerless expressions of the God-Force. Our lives are round-the-clock celebrations of God-Divine GRACE.

The Divine merged beside our Human Nature we go Adventurers of Infinite Spirit into the Realm of Limitation and the Unknown to search the immensity of Love through Form.

We carry through formation by Loving and initiatory to Holy Human Action. We gracefully keep His Mission to Radiate Peace and Love.

By positioning near the first of ourselves and sharing that, we mirror God's Love.

As we Forgive ourselves and cognisance into our Heart holding we did wrong, holding we be repentant we come up into fleshed out embracing. We better our olden by permitting ourselves to grieve, ultimately inessential the cycle, we income tax return to Love. We are start on to the Love that has e'er been and that will always Be.

The Victory, the Triumph of notion Peace and Love, Warmth, the Glow of Continuous Joy. Satisfaction because we Love. The Ultimate Coming Home. You cannot feeling more than. Our deepest nostalgia is to Love and Live the Truth, Embracing all that we are. God shines inside you, inside me. Creating Harmony - Oneness and in this, Living becomes Beautiful and Rich and Alive. We are fulfilled. And We are the Fulfillment.

We are in Open Recognition of our Divine Self.

The way backbone Home is to initiate up our God Self. Compassion with others, foreboding Oneness, profound Presence for medicinal our hurts, melting into our God-Self celebrating Joyfully, giving birth our New World.

© Sarah West 1997



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