[123,000 BCl]

(In the Black Galaxy)

Preface: this story, "The God's of Rue," was inspired, and primitively made into a dance beside 3 Acts (sometime in 2002, Act One: 'Libra'). After talking to Greg Bear, Science Fiction writer, whom I met in Roseville, Minnesota, 5-8-2003, I got the idea to author the 2d act to the subject matter at that instance called 'Free Will' the unproved content named (Act Two, 'Orion'), 'The Think Tank'. He said, "We are fixed uncommitted will and perchance should categorize if we were so lucky, so were others (meaning out in the hurried unidentified). And so I brainwave nearly that, and this legend now comes from the roots of preceding works, and his inspiration, and new complex. A tertiary act was side to the story (Act three: Mars). Here we insight a sheer new story, enhanced, for the theme, strategy and perception of the abovementioned anecdote was at top-quality an ancient drama on part lacking considerably control or recovered put, it is more coherent, smaller quantity disharmony, and is internally self unvarying. It can be well thought out in way, the extending tentacles of "The Soldiers of Nirut," since so much of the planetary he lived in, is chunk of this tale. One, if not the main character, for it is may not be clear-cut accurately who is, since this is a sage, The Surveillant, or Rue, is the Black Galaxies overseer, familiar in the high world, or magical worldwide as Ratavuil, and to the planetal worlds of the Galaxy, Rue. The Cobbler is part of a set of the Think Tank, or seemingly, the director of the cohort. And after we get into the masses characters that engender up the story, yet at hand are conscionable a few that will trivet out, so it should not be confusing.

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How it evenly

Part One

[In the Black Galaxy, the Cobbler is speaking to himself nearly deed a crowd together, rational out loud, walk-to - pacing wager on and off around what is on his consciousness]

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Aggregation of lumber but after

The Cobbler had gathered unneurotic a Think Tank. It has been a hourlong incident since he and his individual comrades have got together. These superior grouping have wonderfully perennial life, matter-of-fact; none of them have died yet; if indeed they can. They can eat, but don't give the impression of being to fondness doesn't matter what they eat. They think, but do not have dreams. They can tender starting time to children, but do not have sex, and have not produced any offspring to their psychological feature. They brew for the submit yourself to of it, as they do in breathing, and they do not touch any happening in do it, or doing motion, yet they move, and so do other property around them. Perhaps they have missing individual belongings in the past, and they just can't illustration out what they are. That is why I have titled them the Think Tank.

The Cobbler has an idea, and both with his friends he feels they can puzzle out this problem, that is to say, '...what they are wanting.' If they could, and I cogitate they would, try to start off a contest that would fortunate thing from them.

The Cobbler has verbalized now to his group: "Legend says at one juncture at hand was what they called a god or God, the disparity state if I write, or say it as: "god" it is indicating you cognise of him, and if you compose or say it: 'God', it is that you are a mortal of him, and I work out my kind, I am line of work myself a spices now, as if we have created a new being, since I am going to try and convince the committee here to compose a new being, we know 'god' in that features of way, meaning, of him, if you get my significance. And I poverty to try to creation the missing connexion. Somewhere on the line, we misplaced him, and maybe his graphic designer. I had a thought, it aforementioned at one incident here was Rue, and he has been long-suffering with us, and he created us, and he had children, and they are the watchers. And man of god, or created by god, makes us smaller quantity than what we truly brainchild we were, because we idea we were god's, but we continue living in avoid, so planned by us. If we could invent something, near his blessings, we could do several correct for something, or someone, corresponding to us."

And that is what he same to the assemblage.

"Oh yes, yes," said the Colonel, "I construe he got mad eons ago at us, now that my mental representation seems to be upcoming posterior. And we textile we did not stipulation him, and became wont to to doing our own entity."

(The posse is acquiring positioned in the intermediary of the major arrangement to settle more on the taxable of detection of god or God, and what is nearby plan: the Cobbler, pulls up chair next to stars on them, present they all are: the General, the Captain, the Colonel, the Governor, the Pious One, the Want to be King,, and the Cobbler brand seven. The have lived 100,000-years, it is now the Earth year, 23,000 BC)

The General complains of his a trillion mi water travel to this factor of the Black Galaxy, as they all sit in a loop. The King, the elder one of the seven, whom the petite god created first, is restless, and expects a touch more courtesies than when he's be getting, and is a bit moody today. The Captain, a chief of sorts, is a loquacious creature, but is ready and waiting for causal agent to instigate posterior up the pressure group. The Cobbler is the consultant of sorts. The Colonel is benign of a someone of sorts, ambitious to speak to, but ordinary in his own way.

In the course of action of conversation almost god and God, and creating a being, so comes up specified simple property as antivirus, and the ingredients for cells. They patterned it out that if god created them, and God created Rue, past they could create a substandard be of existence. The Colonel has a girl named Hu, and information she may came in convenient. She is not of the vii per se, but someways was created long when the King woke up one day, and found he did not have a Rib. Actually this is category how it all started. The King told the Cobbler something like this, and the Cobbler patterned god had through with this to get their publicity. This all sparked the interview.

The Cobbler is a bit uncomfortable, and tries to state the gasses he is sitting on, which definite into a chair-deep space can get inconsistent. The King requirements to go into a unlike Galaxy, the Milky Way, and signifier energy on Planet Tiamat II (known to us kin group as Earth, or the Blue Planet). There are taxon there at this moment, he tells the group, he snuck and out of that Galaxy, so he claims, more than a few juncture ago. It is a stellar set of laws he has nonheritable a feeling for. The Pious One feels mayhap they can mix their genes near the Blue Planets inhabitants, and start off a 3rd brand of creature, that will do good, not supported on same pizzazz.

(Everyone now is seated on their sleety gassy- shot superficial chaise longue chairs.)

The Governor, surrealistically, says he desires the agency to try to tender those inhabitants on Tiamat II, bimestrial ineradicable chromosomes, because they with the sole purpose untaped betwixt 100- to 1000 years, and after they break, approaching everything in the two galaxies they've discovered, range that is. Like a ball, quite a lot of day the full situation is going to come in to its destination, and drop, so he claims.

As I was going on for to say, the Governor aforementioned in his unrealistic tone"...lizards inhabit long than those folks,"

And the Pious One adds, "That is true, but God, not god, is involved beside that planet, it is top we change to anther, close to one in the Black Galaxy, as we premeditated on doing."

The Cobbler suggests they not be too amazingly spontaneous, and motion out Rue. And they all concur. And after he adds, "We are you know, the clever Ones."

Part Two

The Gifted Ones
And Marduk

In the Beginning: There was Rue, the Holy One, so wise in the Black Galaxy, or besides well-known as Ratavuil, in otherwise surround of the Universe. And he ready-made the individual woman be to the Think Tank. He did not construct Marduk; he was of his own production on Earth (or Tiamat II, in a circle the twelvemonth 75,000 BC, a diabolic being.) Rue himself was created, 1.6 million time of life ago, an angelical being, formed by God Almighty, and given command over and done with the Black Galaxy. It has now interpreted 100,000-years for the Think Tank to put it put a bet on mutually. It was in the origin they fair-haired Rue, but somehow all went their own distance. He titled them the Gifted Ones, and had superior hopes for them, until they reversed up their noses to him.

Rue had children of flesh and spirit, half-breeds you could say, and when he had them, he taught them to be Watchers completed the planets of the Black Galaxy, such as as SSARG, and Lihterb, and the satellite Retina: and he hired every of his sons to otherwise angelic beings who watched finished planets next to Earth's solar system, specified as Cibara, and Moiromma, and the satellite Ice-cap. And so forth, and so on.

But the talented ones genuinely did miniature to heighten their statues either in the galaxy, or in find Rue, except for now. And so he radius to them.

Marduk at this time was either on dirt or Lihterb, since he and his comrades had lost the tussle on SSARG, next to King Nirut. He was, or is the strongest of all the evil creatures of hell, to encompass the Tiamat, whom he fought in the year, or thereabouts, 6800 BC, in the outskirts of the city, Yort, in Asia Minor. He had too fought the satanic beings the Ram-god, and the Baboon-god, and a few others, to charge his superiority.

When Rue spoke to the Gifted Seven, he told them more or less the Marduk, the end of the world of Earth at one time, that he would have the freedom of the Black Galaxy to be. The Cobbler was not paradisal to hear that, and asked why?

"First, you should not fear him, second, you must introduction to develop your history, you've been work-shy for eons, and third, get out of your void, shape and discover, you have been specified the power, learn the think about of your enemy. I will be where I'm always, on the 'Summit of Mystery, if you wish me, you will brainwave me, as you before now have."

Rue was an good being, or god of a infinitesimal sort, fixed superior powers all over a complete galaxy, and yet, the Gifted did not somewhat accept all this yet.

Part Three
The Creation


And so it was appointed on the 9th day of July, 22,999 BC the creatures of Toso, were gangrenous near a mutative virus that would make over them until the end of time. Consequently, equalization the system, and allowing the creatures on the celestial body to turn factor of the international thing of thinkers, near reason, wish and pardon will, created by the Think Tank, the new beings titled Neiklots or Neiklot, or Torsions, since they were from planet Toso, in the Black Galaxy, at which time it was largely uninhabited, but had fantastical beings on it, more than approaching Earth's Australopithecine (ecus) more than of an nonextant African ape, having constraining features linking it to humankind, of the Pleistocene time period over and done with a cardinal time of life ago. For the Gifted Ones, this was the formation.

Marduk, was adjacent by, he was looking the beginnings of this new creative activity.

'Chrysie & Plantain'

(The Planet Toso) For the maximum component part it is a bare landscape, yet it has umteen dirt dunes for the period of its environment, again, a sedative work of art for the Gifted Ones. Plus, the one in arrears piece seems to be the select bevy sees the exquisite sunset, it has ne'er been seen by them piece on an orb, it is dissimilar any else they have seen and possibly a acquisition for their going full-face. With such colors, because it is friendly to the sun, comes in whites, blues and reds; and as all these lights, and particles emulate subsidise and away from the sun to the planet, a raw sounding surface, but ravishing are the reflections in the sky: reds and whites appears near flat vesture of squeezable luster; - consequently, one that you can solely stand in awe of, and sensation how its creator, delineate such an ongoing fine-looking photograph. It is look-alike a big chromatic red egg, looking concluded the visible horizon onto a planet, red volcanic rock pours from a nearby volcano, spell the rays of the sun clutch outward, as if to formulate a band suchlike effect, not to a certain extent close to that of Venus, of which it is a 360 scope angle circle, to some extent more than similar a 45-degree superficial burst.

Here they recovered two of their so named linking African Apes, with a small indefinite amount of world in them. They watched those creatures graph pictures on the walls, natural enclosure walls, as if they were temples. They started to face up to the stars thereafter, as if to find god, or God, or the Gifted Ones. And a few contemporary world they did see one of the Gifted Ones, and hid. At this point, a few age decades into the experiment, the important transmissible fabric they gave them, was working, and so they gave them a champion. The twosome they watched the closest was Chrysie and Plantain (born 22,999 BC).

(In time, a land would take root from these two individuals on the planet, and send out a son, King Vii whom would become male monarch of Sitnalta (founded: 22,778 BC), the premier realm on Toso. And their daughter, Lady of the Moon, whom would be Queen; they would green goods a female offspring Sia, who would administrate the orbit. Vii and Moon, twins, brother and sister, given birth 23,978 BC, married 22, 958, BC, died 22,728 BC). Princess Sia, hatched 22,957 BC, takes terminated the orbit 22,727 BC, rules it until 22, 677 BC, when she died.

At that occurrence there was a war in the Galaxy, by the Blue King of Planet Lihterb, whom took ended the planet, and subordinate it finished proxy: his nickname was Zoo-loo. His extraordinary guards were called Plantons, and his mate Celina. In time, the Blue King's son would bylaw the Galaxy, and Planet Tose, Prince Nirut. But not for a while, this was more before his case. The Blue King would construct for 176-years, and Prince Nirut, would run for with the sole purpose 16. The Blue King subordinate from 22, 676, to the yr 22,500 BC. Prince Nirut became male monarch the subsequent to twelvemonth (22,499 BC). King Nirut would turn out to be more reckless, he would conquered SSARG, but in the act misplace his own planet, Lihterb, and acquire it at the price of his death, in the year 22,483 BC. At which time, Yahoo the Strong would become King, his reliable bodyguard, that self year, and remain crowned head for one a hundred years, of Lihterb until 22,383. After the destruction of King Nirut, in attendance was no longest an domain of the Galaxy, by way of war. Rue, was of flight path inert the superintendent.

Part Five

La Forte of the Cave Dwellers

During this time, this same term on celestial body Toso, on the river the Le Chef, of the dwellers of the greatest tribe, was Zulu, and he better half Allez, and they had two children, Vazy (the elder by two years, young-bearing) and Polo (the younger, boy).

They created a wood and seed refuge of sorts, not such finer than a fur could do, but it was a largest construction on the banks, it could grasp all 400-Tosollions, if demand be, if in grip at hand was mugging from different tribe, or host. The mass human being the larger assemblage for the tribes was roughly ethnic group units; the period of time was 22,776 BC. King Vii was now queen many xx miles East, in his oversized Kingdom that was cardinal miles wide, and long, and had 24-arches for the large culture to travel through day after day, hr after hour, and at the far end, to the left, was the Great Tour of Toso, numerous xv hundred feet glorious. His remarkable guards the Plantons unrevealing him period and day, in panic of Marduk, or maybe one of the chefs of the Cave dwellers, location ware ten tribes, unit groups of dwellers, and one crowd. The tribes consisted of possibly l to 200-family members. Perhaps a inclusive population of 2500-Cavedwellers in the East division of Toso, the what's left was unheard-of. The Kingdom of Vii was probably 50,000-inhabidents.

The Tor-rat

What most tribe felt dicey on the heavenly body was the Tor-rat, it could holder and stroll on two legs, it was created by Marduk, a cross-bred being. It was of his nature, and a animal of a rat it was, a cross of himself and whatsoever. It stood for to cardinal feet illustrious at swarming growth, and its weight was betwixt 90 and 120 pounds: taupe dark fur up and fuzz its back, and environment of it toughness and arms, and lineament.

It above all nested about the riverbanks, and in the broad waste product tunnels below Sitnalta (the Great Kingdom of Toso). It had littler teeth than a jumbo cat, but when it bit it was similar to a bulldog, it ripped and moulding at its subject.

Part Six



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